All big businesses start out as small businesses.

Dashpay, a subsidiary of JSE-listed company Capital Appreciation, provides payment solutions for SME’s and business-to-business applications.

Dashpay, on behalf of and in association with their institutional clients, is well positioned to;

  • Respond to changing market and institutional clients’ end-market customer needs,
  • Help clients to expand the applicability and versatility of electronic and card payments,
  • Innovate, and
  • Deliver cost effective solutions to institutional clients and others in South Africa and across the rest of Africa.

Dashpay services are ideally suited to serving the rapidly changing needs for secure payment systems, and financial management across Africa.

Why choose Dashpay?

Industry-leading devices

Accept card payments and more with our range of Ingenico and Newland state-of-the-art devices

Universal Acquiring

Enables one uniform infrastructure for financial and non-financial transactions

Established client base

Long track record of delivery

Innovative and comprehensive solution set

Extensive array of product solutions that are robust and flexible and extensive development capability to evolve or tailor solution offering

Bespoke merchant solutions

Give your unique business the right tools for growth with a host of solutions designed to help businesses grow