Attacq SHôPING

Dashpay is supporting Attacq Limited in taking their 8 shopping malls into the digital world through a bespoke mobile app called SHôPING.

The app launched in April 2021 for The Mall of Africa, Africa’s largest single-phase shopping mall.

SHôPING allows the mall’s customer and merchant community to access the Dashpay transaction platform. This facilitates in-mall navigation, walletless shopping and cashless gift vouchers solutions, consolidating communication channels and offering a seamless customer experience to take the brick & mortar experience into the digital space.

The SHôPING app is designed to benefit merchants by increasing basket sizes as customers make use of a virtual currency called ZAKA. This currency can be spent at participating stores, alongside a loyalty stamp system and Attacq’s interconnected loyalty programme. It also enhances the way visitors experience the mall, allowing them to navigate the space at the touch of a button.

The app has been a great success for The Mall of Africa. Thus far it has been downloaded 1500 times by consumers, with over 100 merchants already signed up. SHôPING was also launched in February 2022 for the Eikestad Mall in Stellenbosch.

SHôPING is currently available for download on Android and iOS platforms. Sign-up is quick and free.

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Attacq SHôPING

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