How to Accept Card Payments in South Africa

Have you had a scenario where you had a customer ready to purchase your product only for you to have to turn them away because your business doesn’t have a Credit Card Machine? If this describes your situation then you should be looking for the best Card Machine provider in South Africa that will help you to accept card payments. Currently in South Africa the most commonly used and trusted method of accepting card payments is by using a Portable Card Machine just like the one in the pictures below:

Accept Card Payments South Africa

Who should use Portable Credit Card Machines?

Portable Credit Card Machines are ideal for businesses where you need to move around from customer to customer in order to proceed with the card payment. If however you do not need to move around, then these devices are still easily adaptable to be static devices and simply used in one location. Dashpay offers these types of Portable Credit Card Machines at incredibly competitive rates. If you would like us to call you and provide you with more information simply follow this link, complete the form and one of our consultants will contact you.

Accept Card Payments in South Africa

Already have a Dashpay Portable Credit Card Machine?

If you already have a Portable Credit Card Machine and you are wondering how to use it simply follow the 3 basic steps below and you will be well on your way to accepting card payments:

1. Insert card into Credit Card Machine

Insert the customer’s card.

2. Payment amount

Enter the payment amount.

3. PIN verified

Customer enters their PIN.

Accept Card Payments in South Africa

What type of company should use a Portable Credit Card Machine?

Whether you’re an owner of a restaurant, bar, retail business or any other business that needs to accept card payments, you can benefit from using a portable card payment machine. Once we have installed your credit card machine, you can start taking fast, secure credit and debit card payments and begin growing your turnover.

Dashpay is proud of its reputation as a leading provider of Credit Card Machines that are of a high quality allow you to accept card payments confidently and easily. Not only that, our Credit Card Machines are certified and trusted which allows you to accept card payments with the peace of mind in knowing that your sale will go through without any hassles. Dashpay is also proud of its Value Added Services that it provides that are aimed at getting your business growing and being sustainable for the long term future.

To begin accepting Card Payments simply get a quote by completing our easy to fill in form and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible to complete the process. This process is done to ensure that you are able to accept card payments safely and with the best resources possible.