Choosing the Right Credit Card Terminal

When you apply for a merchant account you may wonder if you need a credit card terminal and also which credit card terminal you need. There various credit card terminals available and you will need to choose the right credit card terminal that suits your needs.

Traditional Retail Terminals

If you have face-to-face contact with your customers then you will deal with face-to-face card transaction. This means at the time of the sale the cardholder and the credit card are physically present. You may then want to get a countertop point of sale. Credit card are swiped through the card reader in order to process the transaction. If you also get a pin pad then you are also able to accept debit cards. The receipt of sale is printed out through the connected printer, the customer will sign and you keep it and the customer receives the copy.

Mobile and Wireless Terminals

Mobile credit card processing is now available. This involves setting up a mobile merchant account, downloading the necessary app to your tablet or smartphone and that’s it, you will be ready to accept credit cards and signature debit cards.

Virtual Terminal

Merchants that want to process credit cards online will need a payment gateway. This is usually done through an integrated shopping cart on the website. Customers are able to add items and checkout right away. There are some businesses that will need more than one merchant account to meet their processing needs. There are some terminals that are able to cater for these different needs by processing multiple merchant accounts. A lot of the newer model terminals use IP connections instead of phone lines. These are perfect if your business has a high speed Internet.

Credit Card Machine

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