Credit Card Machine Types

There are four main credit card machine types that will process credit cards. These machines are online, POS terminals, mobile terminals and manual transactions. It is important to choose the right credit card machine so that your business can run smoothly.

Credit Card Machine Types


If you need to process credit cards online, you will be using a website in order to sell products and services. There will usually be a shopping cart feature which makes it easier for customers to purchase items from the site.


A customer is able to slide their credit cards in a terminal. The magnetic strip on the back of the credit cards is read so that an item can be paid for. There are also terminals called the tap and pay. Customer is able to tap with their card to make the transaction. The terminals read the cards that have RFID that is Radio Frequency Identification chips. These terminals are attached to the cash register and process the transaction through the use of a phone or internet connection.


A mobile terminal differs from a normal terminal because they are portable. A mobile terminal plugs into a mobile device, where the credit card can be swiped through the terminal and is processed via the phones internet connection. It is possible to do a mobile transaction without the use of a terminal. A special app is used to type in the credit cards information. The app sends the information to the merchant service to be processed.


The manual method to process credit cards uses no electronics; instead the merchant uses a manual credit card imprinter to make a copy of the customer’s credit card. The credit card is placed on the machine and covered with a special paper. Once the lever is pulled, the machine will rub the raised numbers and letters of the card onto the paper. The information is then typed manually and sent to the merchant service. This is an outdated method to process credit cards though, but is effective for businesses that make very few credit card transactions. The four credit card machine types are different and the one that you choose will depend on your business and its needs.

Credit Card Machine

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