Dashpay Credit Card Machines

The simplest explanation of what Dashpay offers is Debit and Credit Card accepting facilities (merchant services). We are fully MasterCard and Visa accredited and basically look to offer merchant services at lower rates than what is seen in the current market thus saving merchants money. So comparing to other merchant terminals we are looking to offer the same or better devices found in the market, with better service and a quicker turnaround time (which is achieved by only doing merchant services and not a host of other products such as what the banks offer), at lower rates.

From a franchise or multiple branches perspective Dashpay will be able to offer the service in a way that the banks cannot. As Dashpay is bank agnostic we can offer the same reduced franchise rate to multiple Businesses in a group no matter what bank account they currently have. The business owner will not need to change their bank accounts at all whereas with a bank they may need to change to the bank to make use of the offer. On the other hand, if it is not a bank account challenge Dashpay will be able to deploy a device in most cases before the bank even approves the merchant. Over and above that, let’s say the new owner owns multiple other businesses, the business owner in this case may also then be able to apply for the same service from Dashpay for his/her other businesses thus adding further value.

The device itself;
• Is fully portable with its own connectivity
• 72 hour battery life for when Eskom enforces load shedding
• Fully PCI compliant, secure and tamper proof
• Latest technology means transactions happen faster than the standard terminals in the market with a reduced print to save paper
• Online reconciliation capabilities means no waiting for statements
• Live transactional portal, for access to all your processed transactions


Dashpay Credit Card Machine