How a Home Business can Accept Credit Card Payments

As a home business you are able to make yourself more attractive by being able to accept credit cards because customers appreciate the convenience of charging their purchases. Also the ability to accept credit cards can mean that you have an increase in sales, as customers are able to make impulse purchases. Accepting credit cards also means that they will not bounce because of insufficient funds like checks.

Also your home based business will have more credibility when you are able to accept credit cards, because it gives the appearance that you are more established. Home-based business owners might shy away from accepting credit cards because of the process and the fees. However, because of the Internet and the power of e-commerce there are now a variety of ways for home-based business owners to accept credit cards and it is easier then you think. You will first need to get a merchant account, which is where credit card payments are deposited. You are able to get a merchant account from the bank, a third party like PayPal or from an independent sales organization. Once you have a merchant account you will need a way to accept credit cards. If your home based business has a website then you are able to set up an Internet gateway that has a shopping cart.

If you do not have a website then you are still able to accept credit cards. You can do this through a virtual terminal, where you will need to log on to a third party website and enter the customers credit card details for payment authorization. You are also able to use a service like Dial Pay where you will use a touch-tone phone to enter the credit card details and you will receive a notification if there are sufficient fund. You are also able to lease or buy the equipment that is needed to swipe credit cards in your own home.

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