Portable Card Machines for Small, Medium and Large Business

Portable Card Machines are in their basic form Card Machines that you are able to move around with, without need to be worried about being restricted by wires or power cables. These restrictions are removed because a Portable Card Machine connects by using a built in SIM Card which ensures that the machine can operate as a standalone unit. These types of machines are ideal for any business and can even be used at a checking out counter and mounted on a stand and still have the ability to be used as a Portable Card Machine on the move should you require to do so. This means that when you choose to use a Portable Card Machine you will be getting something that can be used in a variety of ways that can suit any business’ unique needs.

When you deciding whether or not your business requires a Portable Card Machine, you may come across many choices and become confused in finding the ideal solution for your business. Ultimately you will need to ensure that when you make a decision to use a certain Card Machine that it is certified, secure and you feel comfortable when your customers pay with their Card. Portable Card Machines are a great addition to any Small, Medium or Large Business in South Africa because they allow you to accept Card Payments whilst giving you the best peace of mind in knowing that you are getting a machine that was purpose built to accept card payments. Another often overlooked factor is the fact that Portable Card Machines are able to print receipts for both yourself as well as your customer.

A Portable Card Machine is is something that any business will benefit from and which will have a dramatic affect on a businesses revenue. This impact on revenue is based on the fact that with a business being able to accept card payments, customers who do not carry cash on hand or need to make a large payment can then use their card to make these payments. This means that if you sell products with a high value or have high basket values then your customers as well as your business do not have to worry about having a large amount of cash on hand which can be a bit of a security risk in some cases.

Ultimately, these types of card machines are ideal for businesses where a person needs to move around the premises to take payments as well as businesses where the card machine will remain at the checkout counter. Card Machines that are offered by Dashpay are unique in that they do not require a base or telephone line as they use a SIM Card to connect and process Card Payments. This means that you will be able to have a machine that is easy to use, does not rely on telephone lines and has a 72 hour battery life.



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