Top Mobile Credit Card Readers 2016

Smartphones are able to almost anything and with a mobile credit card reader you can get rid of those old tills and start to accept debit and credit cards immediately from your mobile device.


Square does cost money, but it is an affordable option. You are able to use Square on various mobile devices to accept credit cards. The Square experience is one of the best for both buyers and sellers.

PayPal Chip Card Reader

If you want a mobile credit card reader that is able to cover all your needs, then you need to look at the PayPal Chip Card Reader. This mobile credit card reader pretty much does everything including NFC payment, but it is an expensive device and is also bulky compared to others.

QuickBooks GoPayment

You are able to get QuickBooks GoPayment for free and this is a good choice if your business only needs a basic mobile credit card reader and app. There are better options out there, but QuickBooks GoPayments is a flexible and useful choice.


If you are looking for a quick and mobile way to accept credit cards then PayAnywhere is a good option, but if you are a serious seller then you should look at investing in hardware that is a little bit more robust. When you are choosing a mobile credit card reader you will need to look at the needs of your business first and at what you expect from a mobile credit card reader. Each credit card reader will be able to do different things and you don’t want to pay for features that you won’t use.

Credit Card Machine

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