Traditional Credit Card Machines vs Smartphone Payment Terminals

Many business owners are unsure of whether to choose a traditional mobile debit and credit card machine or a smartphone debit and credit card payment solution. Here are our reasons why a card machine is still the best.

  • Card machines still have the fastest transaction time, thus eliminating queues. Smart devices require more entry points so the transactions take a little longer.
  • If there are multiple staff members who would need to operate the card facility, users can easily share the device. Smart Phone devices might require Bluetooth connectivity which is usually paired to one cell phone and if the user who is connected leaves the stand or store, the card facility leaves too! The Payment Pebble is excluded from this statement as it can connect through the audio jack of any compatible smartphone and can easily be switched between users.
  • Card machines operate on GPRS connection whereas Smartphones use Wi-Fi or 3G connections. Signal congestion is known to occur when too many phones come into one area because many people use WhatsApp or similar services which continuously use the phone’s 3G or Wi-Fi connection to check for new messages coming in, causing the network to become over flooded and causing a smart phone card payment solution to time out. GPRS although not 100% guaranteed, is therefore the safer choice for these areas.
  • Card machines can be used whilst charging whereas some smartphone card payment solutions cannot be used whilst on charge. The Payment Pebble can transact whilst charging. Also, if your cell phone battery dies and you don’t have your charger nearby, you won’t be able to use a smartphone card payment solution.
  • Card machines are more robust and durable whereas smartphone card payment solutions are entry level products. A small bump can also jumble the software on a smartphone payment solution making it inoperable where a card machine really needs a hard knock or to be dropped before the same occurs. The Payment Pebble is quite robust with less than 1% breakages recorded in over a year and we provide a protective hard shell bag to protect it from the harsh world.
  • Card machines can be equipped with Dual SIM cards meaning that depending on where you are, you can utilise the best signal choice of SIM and easily switch them if congestion occurs. If you utilise a smartphone solution, you are tied to the SIM network in your phone.
  • Card machines can be purchased outright through us and repaired if they break. These costs are usually not very high and for a small monthly fee you can also opt for a service plan to cover wear and tear and any repair costs if you wish. If you purchase a smartphone terminal, they usually come with a 3 month to 1 year warranty period and when they break, you are required to re-purchase a brand new device each time. This can cost you thousands and could be a harsh surprise when your business is going through a bad time. The Payment Pebble is only available on a rental package and therefore this will never be a problem to our clients.
  • Card machines can be operated by any person with ease, even senior citizens are able to learn how to operate or transact on these devices. In our experience, smartphone solutions are generation dependent and not as easily adopted by the majority of senior store owners or patrons.

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