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Visa and MasterCard certified

Credit Card Machine
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Credit Card Machine

From deploying Credit Card Machines, processing card transactions and crediting merchants, Dashpay takes care of it all efficiently and affordably. This means that you can focus more on your business and grow it through being able to accept card payments.

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Credit Card Machine

Dashpay’s services are designed to be affordable to your business. We will provide credit card machines and other services at a cost that leaves your company’s margins in tact and with customers not having to pickup the bill for hefty transaction fees.

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Credit Card Machine

Point of Sale devices are GPRS enabled, allowing you to accept card payments almost anywhere. Not only are you able to accept card payments anywhere, you can also rest assured knowing that Dashpay has tested your device and its software to ensure the best user experience possible.

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Credit Card Machine

With the our convenient web portal, you can track and reconcile your daily transactions, view your merchant statements, log and resolve queries, from anywhere and at any time. We also continue to improve on our existing platforms to ensure an ever improving user experience.

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Choosing Dashpay as your card payments provider in South Africa just makes sense

Credit Card Machine


We are certified by PASA, Visa and MasterCard International and your data is safe with us because we are PCI DSS 3.2 certified.

Credit Card Machine


We are an independent company that is not tied down to the lengthy banking processes you may be accustomed to.

Credit Card Machine


The entire application process is electronic, allowing you to accept card payments quicker and easier.

Understanding Card Payments Better

If you have a credit or debit card , you’re already pretty familiar with the role of the cardholder. A cardholder is essentially someone who obtains a bankcard from a card issuing bank which they then use and present to merchants as payment for goods or services.

A merchant in its most basic definition is any business engaged in the sale of goods or services. A merchant in the case of card payments however is any business that maintains a merchant account that enables them to accept credit or debit cards, using a Credit Card Machine, as payment from customers (cardholders) for goods or services provided.

An acquiring bank is a registered member of the card associations Visa and/or MasterCard. An acquiring bank is often referred to as a merchant bank because they contract with merchants to create and maintain accounts that allow the business to accept credit and debit cards. Acquiring banks provide merchants with equipment and software to accept cards, promotional materials, customer service and other necessary aspects involved in card acceptance. The acquiring bank also deposits funds from credit card sales into a merchant’s account.

Interestingly enough, many merchants don’t recognize their acquiring bank as the primary provider of their merchant account. Acquiring banks are playing an increasingly hands-off role as the bankcard system evolves. Acquiring banks often enlist the help of third-party independent sales organizations (ISO) and membership service providers (MSP) to conduct and monitor the day-to-day activities of their merchant accounts.

An issuing bank issues credit cards to consumers and is also a member of the card associations Visa and MasterCard. Issuing banks pay acquiring banks for purchases that their cardholders make. It is then the cardholder’s responsibility to repay their issuing bank under the terms of their credit card agreement.

Visa and MasterCard aren’t banks and they don’t issue credit cards or merchant accounts. Instead, they act as a custodian and clearing house for their respective card brand. They also function as the governing body of a community of financial institutions, ISOs and MSPs that work together in association to support credit card processing and electronic payments. Hence the name, “card associations.”

So What Next?


Simply click ‘get a quote’ button, fill in in your contact details and a friendly Dashpay consultant will contact you.


You will then fill in a standard questionnaire and we will email you a quote based on your specific needs. You then have the opportunity to accept, request changes or decline the quote.


Once you’re happy, you will be required to submit the relevant documentation. Once we have reviewed all your documentation, we will approve your application and welcome you.


Your credit card machine will be delivered promptly and we will direct you to your customer portal. Here you will be able to track & reconcile your daily transactions, view your merchant statements, log & resolve queries.



Start accepting card payments in your business.

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